Ebru Varol was born at the crossroads of East and West, in the City of Istanbul. All her life she has been seeking to illustrate central human questions within her art;  meaning in life;  the reality of black and white; pain and pleasure; light and dark.  Her passion around these themes led to an intense focus on what is pure and essential, a term she calls, “The Light”. Her camera, her beloved silent companion and comrade in arms finds the Light through a focus on the material world and its clean lines, objects, architectural structures, and landscapes.

In her work, Varol is acutely aware of how memory fades and the camera captures but a moment.  That moment allows us to see and feel the existence of wonder, beauty and the magic we are destined to experience, when we allow ourselves to connect to the Light.  Art and photography are an essential way in and provide us access to the central, contrasting, conflicting nature of the human experience.  In Varol’s work, Light and dark dance for us all to see and share, to understand and to digest in our own time. So with her camera,  she continues to chase the wonder, the beauty of life, even through the shadows.  There is beauty and meaning even in the essential darkness that surrounds us all at the end of life.  Varol believes that "she who has a why to live can bear almost any how" (Nietzsche). Her artwork is her why.

Ebru currently lives in New York City with her husband and her son.